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With the best Media Partnership available. has returned to live events in 2022 with a hybrid format. Content sessions for events listed will either be presented LIVE in-person or virtually via streaming service.

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Livestreaming facts & stats

Virtual live streaming events started as a niche but has rapidly been adopted by the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIN as video continues to dominate social media.

As marketers feel a growing demand from management to demonstrate an ROI, sponsorship of physical events have come into question given how hard it can be to measure success. The world of virtual events solves that problem.

MARKETING MATERIALS & COPYWRITING One of the critical components of your marketing is written communication with investors and marketing materials that tell the story of your company. Our event production team focuses on how you can improve your marketing materials and Video Presentations to meet investors and strategic partners.

Livestream Advantages

Brand Transparency and Authenticity – As more and more consumers are demanding transparency and authenticity from advertisers and brands, live video grows in popularity due to its spontaneous and un-editable nature.

Live streams are perceived as more authentic and personable than a pre-planned social media post and audiences are responding well. A study by Livestream found live video to be more appealing to brand audiences, with 80% stating they would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% saying they prefer live video from a brand to social posts.

Interactive Intimate Connection – The format of live video opens an instantaneous, two-way connection between the viewer and the brand. Viewers are able to interact and connect with the brand by providing instant feedback and sometimes even participating in the direction of the video content or conversation. This strengthens the bond between brand and audience subsequently humanizing the brand in a way no other medium currently can.

Better ROI -Live video ads have similar features to video ads coupled with building an authentic connection with their targeted audiences. More than 50% of marketing professionals said they have seen the best ROI from live video than any other social media platform. When audiences feel more intimately towards a brand, they have the tendency to convert at a higher rate and live video compels them to do just that.

Ask us about our unique viral virtual IRL activation ideas like SWAG Bags and more!

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